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Professional Service & Peace of Mind


Monument Tax Solutions is a tax preparation and representation firm for Small Businesses and Individuals tailored for these tax situations:


“My income is growing. I no longer want to trust my taxes to a self-prepared software program. I want to develop a professional relationship with a tax advisor and get some peace of mind.”

“Our financial affairs are detailed. We have questions sometimes throughout the year and we want a ‘tax guy’ that we can call, not someone at one of the huge chain stores that gives us whoever is working that day.”

“I want to grow my business.  I don’t have time to deal with all the different taxes and regulations.  But I also don’t want to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to a huge CPA firm.  I need someone who is affordable and reliable so I can think about other things that a small business owner needs to do on a day to day basis.”


“I haven’t filed taxes in years. I’m afraid to call the IRS but if I don’t get this straightened out soon, I’m worried they could take my car, my house or even put me in jail.”

“I’m being audited!”

“I just got a letter that says they are going to levy my bank account and garnish my wages.  I can’t afford that. What do I do?”

That’s what I’m here for.  It’s what I do.  You shouldn’t attempt this stuff on your own. Let a professional take care of you. That’s what you do when you get a haircut, or an oil change. It’s what you do when your water heater breaks or you need to fix a broken window.

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