My objective in this business is to take as much stress off of my clients as possible.  Over time, these actions have proved the most beneficial in that regard:

    • Develop a professional relationship with my clients whereby they trust what I do for them.
    • Build certain aspects of my practice into the cost of a return, such as review of all letters from the IRS or state tax authorities. I’ve had clients forward correspondence to me without opening it so I can see it first.
    • Up front pricing.  I don’t believe in anything else.  No hidden fees, no surprises on your invoice.  If you don’t understand a cost, I will show you where it was listed for you or I will take it off.  And if I am handling anything for you besides filing a return, we will agree on those costs before I begin.
    • No risky bets on your taxes.  If I don’t believe the tax authorities will accept a position, I won’t sign off on your return.  But tax law is certainly more gray than black & white.  So I will present options to you and not sugar coat what I think of each of them.  My job is to help my clients pay the lowest legal amount of tax.
  • Finally, I make myself available year round.  I am not a seasonal employee.  My practice is varied and busy enough to keep me at my desk working throughout the year.

Aside from three marketing campaigns in over 10 years, most of my practice has been garnered through client referrals.  I believe that is a testament to the trust my clients put in me.  That, and I have a generous referral program I will tell you about!

Patrick Tuttle, Enrolled Agent

I studied to be an actor.  I came from small town Americana with dreams of Hollywood.  With a few bucks and a u-haul, I pulled away from the house where I had lived since I was born (and where my parents still live today!)  and drove to Hollywood, a dream started.  I lived there for 10 years and worked as an actor.  And while that typically means I also worked as a waiter, I didn’t like waiting tables.  So I got a job as a Staff Accountant while I auditioned and worked in a couple theatre companies.  Some say I’m freakishly smart in math so I started doing taxes for my entertainment industry friends and colleagues.  Once I was enjoying that work more than anything, and when I married and our first child arrived, I gave up acting and continued tax and accounting work, went back to school to get formal training, and now work in my own practice, a dream continued.

My practice spans preparation for individuals and small businesses as well as representation before the IRS and state tax authorities in audits, collections and filing back taxes.

That’s what I do.  Preparation and Representation.  Two things that give peace of mind.

It’s as stress free as taxes can be.

I graduated from the University of Texas-Dallas with a Masters degree in Accounting and Information Management, with an emphasis in Taxation.  I have worked in my own practice for over a decade and have clients in 20 states.  I am an Enrolled Agent, a tax practitioner who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled agent status is the highest credential awarded by the IRS.  I am also a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents.